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Bohle Glass Cleaner

Price £6.24
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This fast acting, foam based cleaner by Bohle is ideal for use on windows, mirrors, light fittings and more. Its professional strength non-smear formula, attacks dirt and grease without leaving a greasy film and is suitable for all glass types giving them an instant shine. Can be used for glass, smooth plastic surfaces, mirrors, car windows, tiles · for workshop and home, showcases and display windows · sparkling surfaces without streaking · environmentally sound propellant. Ideal for cleaning glass parts after fusing.

- Fast acting

- Foam based

- Ideal for use on windows, mirrors, light fittings and more.

- Suitable for all glass types

- Professional strength

- Non-smear formula

cramer Profiling Kit 7 Professional

Price £18.90
Availability: 30 In Stock

With the Profiling Kit Professional all standard sealants can be processed more easily. Cleverly attached guides help bridging intersections and prevent any subsidence when working these intersections. With this tool even complex and challenging jointing works become a child’s play. Here the unique technique of grouting without a separating agent also takes effect, thus notably minimising the danger of mould forming underneath the joints. Additionally the Profiling Kit Professional allows for simply reworking blemishes without removing the existing joint.

cramer Silicone Profiling Kit 3

Price £9.00
Availability: 87 In Stock

Even a small silicone joint can decide on an attractive bathroom: either by being ugly or by showing traces of mildew or mould after some time. The FUGI Toolkit presents the professional solution for all different kinds of joints. Added to that, this unique toolkit enables you to render perfect joints without the use of soapy water. Consequently the formation or mould is made nearly impossible. Stylish bathtubs, elegant wash basins and quality-tiles have earned a likewise high-class surrounding – provide your customers with this useful tool!

Face Cap Remover

Price £43.20
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CRL-U.S. Aluminum Face Cap Remover is designed to remove exterior face caps on a wide selection of curtain walls by simply hooking one side of the face cap to pull and pop off the cap. This tool has an easy grip, light weight handle, and is quick and easy to adjust for use on varying size face caps.

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