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Glass & Mirror Cleaner - 1L

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Glass & Mirror Cleaner is a high performance, alcohol based cleaner specifically designed for removing most ingrained dirt, grease, finger marks, dust and other contaminants from glass, mirrors and glazed surfaces. Ready to use (no mixing required).

Metal Fix - Hybrid Polymer Sealant adhesive -...

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Metal Fix is a strong construction adhesive with high initial grab (>150kg/m²). Suitable for bonding metal materials; aluminium, iron, lead, zinc, copper and steel to each other and onto all common building materials; concrete, wood, brick, stone and many types of plastic. No preliminary mechanical fixing required due to high grab properties. Contains aluminium particles to give the product a metallic finish.

Green Fix 290ML

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High-quality adhesive especially designed for the bonding of artificial grass onto a wide variety of non-porous and porous surfaces. Ideal for the bonding of outer edges and seams of artificial lawn mats and for small scale bonding applications onto terraces and balconies. Can be used inside and outside in all weather conditions, even on damp surfaces. Colour matched with artificial grass.

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