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tesa® 6300 Hand dispenser Economy

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The tesa® 6300 hand dispenser is a good value dispenser for professional sealing of all kind of tesa® packaging tapes in packaging and production areas. The dispenser has a tension control so that even easy unwinding tesa® tapes can be used without difficulty. The blade is covered with a top to prevent injuries.

Anti-Slip Tape 15m x 50mm

Price £35.00
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The application area for tesa® Anti Slip Professional range is everywhere safe footing is required. Anti Slip yellow & black is the ideal protection to prevent from skidding and therefore helps to avoid accidents in the job related. Very good adhesion of the product is suitable for demanding surfaces such as factory floors, industry areas etc. The strong and durable adhesive coating secures a high Anti Slip effect of up to 1- 2 years in normal use areas. The Anti Slip tapes are hand tearable and no shrinkage occurs after application.

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