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Base mortar for masonry and non-cracked concrete

Two-part reactive resin mortar, styrene-free polyester

Individual attachment of non-cracked concrete:

Anchor rod W-VI-A, anchor rod W-VD-A, standard threaded rod with acceptance test certificate 3.1

Individual attachment for masonry (system with perforated sleeve SH):

Anchor rod W-VI-A, standard threaded rod with acceptance test certificate 3.1, perforated sleeve SH

Soudafix P300-SF - 410ml

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Soudafix P300-SF is a polyester resin based chemical anchor. Ideal for anchoring of threaded rods in masonry (18 brick types) and uncracked concrete (ETA approval option 7). Suitable for installation in hollow and solid masonry: aerated and lightweight concrete, clay, calcium silicate bricks as well as natural stone and plasterboard walls.

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