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Hodgson Aquacaulk 310ml

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Aquacaulk is a high performance emulsion acrylic sealant based on the latest developments in acrylic elastomer technology. It has been specially formulated for sealing around window frames, skirtings, architraves and general small gap filling. Used extensively by contractors over many years, it offers a degree of flexibility whilst still retaining the ability to be easily overcoated with conventional paints. Although primarily used internally, it has good external performance when applied in suitable conditions.

Hodgson Mirror Adhesive 310ml

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Hodgson’s market leading Mirror Adhesive is a fast-curing adhesive which allows the user to secure mirrors to many vertical surfaces in situations which would otherwise require the use of mechanical fixings. Its special solvent-free formulation has been extensively tested for compatibility with all known mirror backing paints and once cured, its flexible rubberised characteristics can accommodate small surface irregularities.

Hodgson Silfix LM 310ml - available in 6 colors

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Silfix® LM is a one part, neutral cure, low modulus, silicone sealant which offers good all round performance and durability in most construction joints. Conforms to EN15651-1: F-EXT-INT-CC, EN15651-2: G-CC. Tested by BSRIA and shown to be effective in meeting the requirements for DW144 Class C High Pressure Ductwork up to 1500Pa.(Report No. 58936/2)

Hodgson Silfix U9 310ml - available in 5 colors

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Silfix U9 is widely regarded as one of the best low modulus silicone sealants available. Conforming fully to the requirements of BS 5889 Type A and ISO11600 classification G-25-LM, it offers outstanding performance across a wide variety of glazing, industrial and construction applications. It has excellent adhesion to glass, timber, metals, brickwork, plastics and concrete and does not normally require a primer. 

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