FAST CURING PU plasterboard adhesive that replaces the need for traditional mortar based adhesives; this means no mixing required, avoiding any unnecessary mess. The ready to use adhesive saves time, effort and money. The 600ml Genius Gun cannister is capable of bonding up to 9m2 of plasterboard panels, which is the equivalent of a 20kg bag of mortar.


Featured properties

Polyurethane foam adhesive

No mixing required

Ready to use

Fast curing

Cost saving



Perfect solution for bonding plasterboard to walls. Can also be used on dry lining, rockwool, insulation board, bricks, concrete, plaster, wood, metal, aluminium, stone, ceramics, MDF, polystyrene, steel, lead, zinc, polyurethane, laminate, cork and chipboard.


Prior to using the product, cover all adjacent areas for protection against soiling. In windy conditions, precautions must be taken to ensure that Plasterboard Adhesive Gun cannot contaminate components, objects or persons in the vicinity.

Good ventilation must be ensured for indoor use. Wear protective goggles and gloves. Tightly screw the can to the thread in the gun and shake the gun about 20 times downwards so that the contents are mixed well to

ensure an optimum adhesive quality and high yield. After extended periods of non-use, the can must be shaken

again to obtain the required adhesive quality! With the adjusting screw on the gun, adjust the adhesive bead to

the required diameter. (The emptier the can, the more the adjusting screw needs to be opened). The gun must

be held vertical during application.

A distance of 1 to 2 cm must be maintained between the nozzle and insulation panel/substrate while spraying. Apply pressure to the insulation panel within about 8

minutes (20°C-65% R.H. – this time is shorter at higher temperature/humidity and longer at lower temperature/humidity). Do not tap or remove and reapply panels as

this will damage the adhesive structure and reduce the adhesive strength substantially. At high temperatures and low humidity in particular curing can be accelerated

by lightly spraying the adhesive bead with water. Three vertical adhesive beads are sufficient for the installation of plasterboard wider than 50cm. For panel widths below 50cm, a minimum of two adhesive beads must be applied.

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