Hodgson’s market leading Mirror Adhesive is a fast-curing adhesive which allows the user to secure mirrors to many vertical surfaces in situations which would otherwise require the use of mechanical fixings. Its special solvent-free formulation has been extensively tested for compatibility with all known mirror backing paints and once cured, its flexible rubberised characteristics can accommodate small surface irregularities.


Secure mirrors up to 1m2 to vertical surfaces without the use of mechanical fixings. Once cured, it can accommodate small surface irregularities. Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of non-porous surfaces such as painted plaster or wood, ceramic tiles and glass. Not suitable for use on safety-backed mirrors.

  • No need for mechanical fixings
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of non-porous surfaces.
  • Can accommodate small surface irregularities
  • Good working time
  • Fast curing – temporary support can often be removed within 24 hours
  • Resistant to high levels of humidity
  • Compatible against all known mirror backing paints


Application temperature range: +5°C to +30°C

Curing rate: Cures at a rate of 2-3mm in 24 hours @ 20°C / 65% RH. Lower temperatures and drier conditions will result in a slower rate of cure.

Shelf life: 12 months

Skinning time: Skin forms after approximately 30 minutes at 20°C @ 65% RH

Working time: 5 – 10 minutes


Surface preparation: All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from frost, grease and loose materials. Apply primer if required. For best results on friable and porous surfaces such as brickwork, plaster, plywood and blockwork, it is recommended that a coat of good quality emulsion should be applied and allowed to fully dry for 16 hours minimum before proceeding with application of the adhesive. Fix support for the mirror before application of the adhesive. Check that the substrate is both flat and vertical. Make allowances for any irregular and nonvertical surfaces. Cut nozzle to correct diameter for joint size. Apply using a skeleton or powered gun. Apply the adhesive directly to the back of the mirror in a staggered vertical bead arrangement (see FIG 1) . For flat substrates, the beads should be approx. 6mm in diameter, 300mm long, spaced at 150mm centres and no closer than 50mm to the edge of the mirror. For irregular surfaces, the bead diameter should be increased to 8-10mm. This method aids the rapid cure and development of strength of the adhesive. Immediately after the application of the adhesive, push the mirror into position to give a final thickness of adhesive of 1.5mm – 2.5mm. The weight of the mirror should be supported for a period of 6 – 10hrs. The final thickness of adhesive, low temperatures or low humidity will slow down the rate of cure and the support will be required for a longer period of time.

IMPORTANT: Mirrors with a thickness of 6mm and an area greater than 1m2 must be permanently supported. Mirrors fixed overhead of any size should be mechanically fixed.

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