The tesa® plastering protection tape won’t let you down at any time of year, because the sturdy tape will stick reliably even when it’s cold. This means it provides optimum protection for painting, stucco and plastering work. It comprises a supple, tear-resistant, soft PVC film and is coated with a special aging-resistant adhesive compound. The plastering masking tape protects the surfaces of sensitive profiles, frames and facing from soiling or damage through plastering material or tools. The tape is insensitive to humidity, weak acid and alkaline solutions as well as to many chemicals.

Main applications

  • Outdoor applications
  • Good protection of smooth and slightly rough surfaces
  • For applications that require high adhesion power (e.g. plastering, painting, gypsum, masonry and stucco work)
  • Also suitable for the sealing of bags, heavy duty wrapping and other DIY applications
  • For temperatures above 0°C

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