Hand-applied setting compound. Tested to BS 8000 Part 7.


Glazing compound for bedding and fronting single glass into primed steel or hardwood frames.

  • High quality hand-applied glazing compound. Designed to be overpainted
  • The UK’s best selling Metal Casement putty
  • Suitable for external use only
  • Excellent working characteristics
  • Good long-term performance
  • Ideal for use on primed steel and hardwoods
  • A setting glazing compound


Application temperature range: +5°C to +30°C Shelf life: 3 months when stored in original containers in cool, dry conditions. Some separation of oil may occur which should be mixed back into the putty before use. Skinning time: Skin forms after approximately 2 – 4 days outdoors, dependent on ambient temperature and humidity. Working time: Approximately 4 hours.


Remove all dust, grease and loose material from the rebate. Any moisture on the timber should be wiped off using a clean paper towel or other absorbent material to give a dry surface. Check the condition of the primer on the frame, especially the rebate. Any section, which has been partially missed or is considerably weathered should be reprimed before glazing. One coat of primer to BS5358: 1986 applied to new softwood will allow sufficient oil to be absorbed into the frame.

Apply putty to rebate and insert setting blocks. Place pane on setting blocks, centralise, press into putty to give a back bedding of 1 – 2mm throughout and secure pane mechanically i.e. with metal sprigs or clips. Location blocks should be used in side hung opening windows to hold the glass in place. Apply further fronting putty and knife at an angle finishing about 2 mm below the sightline. Brush putty with soft brush to seal to glass. Knife off back bedding, sloping away from glass. The maximum fillet size to allow correct setting is 15mm high x 25mm wide. The minimum fillet size is 8mm high x 10mm wide.


Safety data sheet

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Product data sheet

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